A sweet way to finish the day....

I popped on my flickr real quick before I hopped into bed. And found out that my b&w bathtub pic of Sophie has been featured on The Maternal Lens...

In cased you missed it :)

Can't say thank you enough....

The Ah-ha moment....

Growing up I was always reminded of how I never said "what", chuckling at stories of my cousin putting me in a corner demanding me to say "what" over and over again. Or of my Grandma and Mom trying to find me and I would never answer their calls. Say what Amanda say what......

                                              But of course they were always silly stories....
Until it happened to me. And in this case it definitely isn't silly any more...

Today as Scott came home and met me upstairs in our room. I began telling him about our day and how I thought for a brief few minutes that his daughter might have swallowed a battery. I had come down stairs after using the restroom and she was sitting on Shay's big wheel making weird noises. I looked over on the floor and the remote was lying face down with one battery missing. Immediate panic of course. I went nuts pulling everything apart looking for the battery. After a few insanely scarey moments I finally found it under the TV stand...Turns out she was making the odd noises because she did not know how to get herself of his bike.

So as I am telling this story  Shay comes walking up the stairs I realize she has gotten quiet and must have snuck down them. So I ask him to go check on her as I try to finish the story.He goes down  and yells her name out calling to her and comes up zxsaying she is not down there. What!!! Immediate panic yet again...................Where is she, I run down stairs do a quick survey, nothing (yes you guessed it I am calling her over and over with  no reply) Sophie is always making noises so it's completely freaking me out that the house is silent.

I start going through all the rooms upstairs still nothing, I look over and see the kids bathroom light is on with the door closed..No it's not just closed it's locked. (something Shay loves to do) I grab the little key thingy and try over and over to open it. Not working, still calling her name and still complete silence. At this point I am picturing her head first into the toilet and panicing like crazy. So Scott takes over and after a few minutes he can't get it open either. So I tell him to kick it down, it finally breaks in half after several kicks and thankfully she is not in there, but in the same breath I realize She's not in there! Where the hell is she?? I double check rooms closets etc. Then head downstairs to see if somehow she got outside, when I realize, the laundry room tucked in the corner of the house, I haven't checked there yet...

She did indeed turn out to be in the laundry room door closed chowing down on a kuerig coffee K-cup she had snuck out of the trash.Why the heck she likes those things I don't know but it totally explains her being so quiet and knowing she had to hide so I wouldn't take it from her.  So as I said, I get it...The jokes on me, I have a kid who refuses to answer when called. How dang lucky am I and darn those turning tables..

Although I am all kinds of stressed out today in between the drama we did have a bit of fun outside showing off her latest wardrobe addition.

And right on cue as soon as I tried to get pictures of just Sophie, Shay had to insert his cute little smile too..

It hasn't been the best of days but it is one for the story books.
I am just glad it's almost over and my kiddos are all ok.
And can I just say, we don't get enough credit for this mom gig, I deserve a raise or something lol..

Here's to hugging our little ones a little tighter tonight and saying a great big thank you to the guardian angels watching over them. :)


A week of no color

This week I played along with Erika over on Flickr in her A Week of No Color group. It was fun to see things in b&w and I hope that she continues to have weeks here and there of participation. I will certainly join in.

I thought it would be fun to post my images from the week....

I of course had to add some crochet in there somewhere so I made a little mason jar cover perfect for candlelight. The pattern is simply 3 rows of SC and one row of DC repeated throughout, with a start and finish DC row.

Now back to your regularly colored programs...Hope you have a lovely weekend.


It's not a hat....

What are you making now? I am sure I am not the only one who gets asked this question every time you start something new. Truth be told it kind of bugs me. I mean the universal answer is pretty much, something
to keep me sane of course. And when that doesn't work I simply  say you will have to wait and find out. Funny thing is my kids always assume it's a hat. No not everything I crochet is a hat...

I'm not really loving the finished outcome of my wonky square here. But it will work for the front room where I am getting all matchy matchy for some reason...I have never been a "themed" decor person but I guess that is changing.

In other news I have 53 days until my birthday and I have decided I want to lose 20lbs by then. I have stocked up on fruits and veggies and hung up a countdown pad over my treadmill. I am determined to actually like myself  for my 32nd year of life. Something I haven't really felt ever...So if you have any tips and tricks to keep me on the straight and narrow I am all ears...


Crochet Collar Pattern

Saw a picture of something like this in a japanese crochet book and had to make my own version.
No clue how close it is to the real pattern "written pattern wise" but the finished product is good enough for me.

US terms
Worsted yarn
G/4.25mm hook
Ch 20 dc in 3rd ch.

Work 32 rows of dc

Row 33: sc across dc's 9 times then ch. 35, slip stitch all the way back then finish sc across row.

You are now working along side your dc rows attaching ch and cluster group to the top side of every two rows to get your shell.
ch4 3 dc cluster in same space as starting ch. sc in side/top of second dc row from start.,
*ch4 3dc cluster in last sc, sc in side/top 2 rows above last sc. Repeat from * until reaching the end.

For the bottom and other side repeat  from row 33.

Fold in half and wear :)

This of course could be easily sized down, just shorten the dc rows...


She's 1

Despite my attempts to hold it off, Sophie's birthday was yesterday Jan 17th
and she is now officially the big 1

Just wanted to share a few pics of her enjoying her first birthday cake..

We just hung out at home, enjoyed the day and played with Sophie's birthday gift from my sister.

Little Diego

Next weekend we will head into town for Andrew's basketball tournament and afterward have a bigger celebration with family at Chuck E.Cheese. But for the big day, I couldn't have asked for anything sweeter :)


The Colors fabulous...

What do you do for a certain someone who just got more then enough toys for Christmas and is having her very first birthday tomorrow??

You make up a beautiful pattern with a beautiful yarn for a beautiful finished project.

And yes I am trying to distract myself from the fact that my baby is turning one tomorrow. So let's just focus on that pretty little vest ok?

This is my second Milo the first for the boy of course. I skipped the cables cause, well I didn't need anything to distract from all those pretty colors...
I wish I could afford tons more of this stuff I would make one for the big girl too.
One day....

For now this one gets a thumbs up!!


Simple Crochet Coasters

In an effort to take what I can get, I made up some cute crochet coasters randomly throughout the past few days. Trying to recover from the holidays now that the kids are back in school and hubby is back to work. Amazing how even with two little ones still at home it feels like a break.

So while I sneak back into my routine I thought I would pass on a little pattern just in case you feel the need to whip up a few small things yourself...They go perfect with that morning cup of coffee or tea
Whatever it may be :)

Little petal coasters.

US Terms
for smaller cream color I used E/3.50mm hook
for the slightly larger red I used F/3.75mm hook
Yarn- Knit Picks Cotlin DK

row 1: Ch2 work 8 sc in first ch space join to starting ch.

row 2: ch 3, dc in same space, *ch1 dc in next sc, ch1 dc in same sc. Repeat from * ,ch1 slip stitch to second ch of starting ch.

row 3: slip stitch in next dc, slip stitch into ch1 space, ch2, dc in same space, *ch1 2 dc in next ch1 space repeat from* ch1 slip stitch to starting ch.
(make sure not to miss ch1 space you initially slip stitched over :)

row 4: ch1, sc in next dc, ch1 over ch1 space *sc in next two dc's ch1 over ch1 space repeat from* slip stitch to starting ch.
(so you are sc'ing in each dc and ch'ing over each ch space)

row 5: slip stitch in next sc slip stitch in ch1 space, ch2. *sc in next ch1 space ch2 repeat from * joining to starting chain.
(so you are sc'ing in each ch1 space and ch'ing over the sc's)

row 6: ch1 work 3 dc's in same space, ch1 sc in ch2 space, ch1 work 3 dc's into next sc repeat from* ch1 sc in last ch2 space then slip stitch to starting ch.


S is for....


And would you? Could you? Believe S is  for SNOW..It snowed here in the desert last night..And let me just apologize to all the sleeping people that my kids may have disturbed at 1:30am. But since it rarely happens and I knew that it would quickly melt once the sun was up. I had to let them romp around in it for a bit..

Last but not least...S is for Sneaky Shay who got into the chocolate icing..I think he knows all to well that if he is cute and I can snap some shots he won't get in as much trouble...
Too smart for his own good..

You know I think this may have inspired a fun alphabet project for me..:)


Plans unplanned...

We were suppose to head to the horse races today to celebrate my sister's big 3-0 birthday but the weather is not cooperating and to be safe we are staying put. I am completely bummed, had my horses picked out and everything. Here's hoping my picks were cruddy ......

The tiny bit of upside is that the house is still quiet and I can actually savor my morning coffee.

And work on a little red project.                                                                                                                                                                              

Happy Birthday Sis, so sorry I couldn't be there to celebrate with you...