Baby Shower....

There are a few things about the Army life you can count on. 1. You never know what's going to happen next 2. Your hubby is always gone and 3. Everyone is or has recently been pregnant.....:)

 That being said, I attended a sweet little shower today and had a good time getting out of the house and blabbing about motherhood to a room full of moms. You would think me being the most seasoned mother in the room I would have a lot to say. But I didn't say much, just sat back watched the happy chaos and snapped a few pics here and there. 

I figure if I always make handmade gifts and take a few cute pics I will secure my invite to the party...Right?!?

 So  I made another baby bunting and knit up a little wurmy hat to go along with the outfit I found. I thought it was funny and oh so obvious that I was the only knitter/crocheter in the group because as soon as they saw my package they knew who it was from and the Mommy reluctantly asked if she could keep the bunting?!? To which I replied  "please don't throw it away" haha.....She is a sweetie though, and since I did embellish the bag with the bunting I can understand her questionings a bit. But more then anything I was just glad she liked it.

Wish I was going to be around to see the little guy when he is born but moving day is quickly approaching and 
us moms know how comfy those babies can get in their mommy's belly. 
So we will see, but either way I wish you the best Darline :)


Wrap Vest among chaos

Seems that the stress of the impending move(2weeks) to Texas, accompanied with the acceptance that the unit my hubby is going to recently left for a 12month deployment to Iraq. Is causing quite the drive for a creative outlet. Over the past few weeks I have sketched multiple ideas for crochet garments and have even quickly whipped one up in a small size to see if it would work.

Well what do you think???

It's a wrap vest that is seamless. And darnit I am pretty proud of myself for the rather unique way I kept it that way . And if you are like me with crochet you are looking at it wondering how the heck I did it?!?!

I do plan on getting a pattern written out in time, so......

The next step is to tackle a grown up version and keep notes when I do so I can make up the pattern.
I don't know what chaos the next few months will bring, but here's hoping it continues to inspire me.
And even better, keep me sane :)

p.s....Yes she is holding a toothbrush. She is teething and so I will gladly accept a toothbrush in the shot as long as she is happy and has a smile on her face :)


Eat Me

Ok, so if up until this point you haven't been swayed into buying This book. I think this latest creation might push you over the edge.

Ice Cream Sandwich....YUM....

These things are so easy to make  it's kind of silly that I have had this book for over a year and I haven't gotten around to it yet. 
But that being said, they were a hit and I will be making another batch before the big move in a few short weeks.
I also want to try the watermelon Popsicles and Peach ice cream too.
So many options in this book..


 Don't these just scream EAT ME?!?!



Granny Square top tutorial

This top is very versatile and can be made in any size and use most any yarn. The pattern starts after working the size of the granny square needed to fit across chest and slightly wrap around side. I made a 2t size with worsted yarn and H hook.

Make 2   *front and back

Starting with a 9 row granny square.

Row 10..slip stitch to ch2 space, slip stitch in ch2 space 2x, ch2 2dc in the corner space work in pattern to 4th corner (leaving last side un-worked/neckline) work 3 dc in that corner.

Sleeve 1... 
Ch3 turn, work in pattern til you have 5/3dc groups ch2 turn hdc evenly across ending with 2hdc in the starting ch3 space. Ch2 turn repeat hdc row back down sleeve. Ch1 turn sc across working 2 sc in ch space below.

Work Sc evenly across top of granny square (this is the neck line) 

Sleeve 2...
Ch3 work granny pattern in next 4 ch1 spaces in 5th space 1 dc ch2 turn hdc evenly across working 2 hdc in ch3 space. Ch2  work  hdc across. Ch1 turn sc across 2 sc in corner and sc across top til you reach sc worked for neckline. (about 5 sc) slip stitch and fasten off.

Repeat for back

You now just need to join them together. You can pretty much do this any way you like  but I like to have a little give in between them so I have written up the way I like to do this. Hopefully it is not to confusing for you.

Joining side seams
Put right sides together. Starting with the top layer in the ch2 space of bottom corner. Make your starting loop pull through the top layer of ch2 space, Ch2 and slip stitch from front to back of bottom layer.  *Yarn over and dc into the next stitch in the top layer. Then from front to back in the bottom layer insert hook and pull yarn through both loops on hook. Repeat from * Work up to the bottom sleeve seam then sc the two sleeves together and fasten off.

Repeat for other side seam. 

Joining neck line..
Starting from top corner shoulder seam work the joins the same as side seam til a little after the sleeve for both side. (about 10-12 stitches)

Weave in all ends and turn right side out. 

To finish it off I like to add a few rows of hdc (unjoined) to the front and back of the bottom edge                   


Hope you enjoy and please let me know if I forgot something or if you have any questions...:)