Baby Shower....

There are a few things about the Army life you can count on. 1. You never know what's going to happen next 2. Your hubby is always gone and 3. Everyone is or has recently been pregnant.....:)

 That being said, I attended a sweet little shower today and had a good time getting out of the house and blabbing about motherhood to a room full of moms. You would think me being the most seasoned mother in the room I would have a lot to say. But I didn't say much, just sat back watched the happy chaos and snapped a few pics here and there. 

I figure if I always make handmade gifts and take a few cute pics I will secure my invite to the party...Right?!?

 So  I made another baby bunting and knit up a little wurmy hat to go along with the outfit I found. I thought it was funny and oh so obvious that I was the only knitter/crocheter in the group because as soon as they saw my package they knew who it was from and the Mommy reluctantly asked if she could keep the bunting?!? To which I replied  "please don't throw it away" haha.....She is a sweetie though, and since I did embellish the bag with the bunting I can understand her questionings a bit. But more then anything I was just glad she liked it.

Wish I was going to be around to see the little guy when he is born but moving day is quickly approaching and 
us moms know how comfy those babies can get in their mommy's belly. 
So we will see, but either way I wish you the best Darline :)


Tania said...

I wear a Wurmy hat just like that one! The kid'll love it.

(And fear not – I'm the only crafty type in my immediate circle of Real Life Friends. I have deep-seated suspicions that because of this, I am secretly labelled The Eccentric).

Leah said...

What a lovely gift! It's always so nice to receive something that has been handmade with love. Have a fab week.

Rie said...

Love the bunting, it is so cute! I'm trying to make a crochet garland at the moment & I'm wishing it would magically convert to bunting!!

Mike said...

My mom says baby showers are boring but I want to one and thought it was fun.