Wrap Vest among chaos

Seems that the stress of the impending move(2weeks) to Texas, accompanied with the acceptance that the unit my hubby is going to recently left for a 12month deployment to Iraq. Is causing quite the drive for a creative outlet. Over the past few weeks I have sketched multiple ideas for crochet garments and have even quickly whipped one up in a small size to see if it would work.

Well what do you think???

It's a wrap vest that is seamless. And darnit I am pretty proud of myself for the rather unique way I kept it that way . And if you are like me with crochet you are looking at it wondering how the heck I did it?!?!

I do plan on getting a pattern written out in time, so......

The next step is to tackle a grown up version and keep notes when I do so I can make up the pattern.
I don't know what chaos the next few months will bring, but here's hoping it continues to inspire me.
And even better, keep me sane :)

p.s....Yes she is holding a toothbrush. She is teething and so I will gladly accept a toothbrush in the shot as long as she is happy and has a smile on her face :)


Sonia said...

Your wrap vest looks great and your precious little one. :) Well done!

God bless and keep you,

Leah said...

Your vest is amazing! Great pics of your wee one too!

sennaloves said...

Beautiful; your little Girl & Vest!

Anonymous said...

How cute this vest is and would look awesome with a knit hat in the color of the band on the vest, with a t-neck under the vest, slacks or skirt and tights for the cooler days..........:)

Belinda Julie said...


I am new here..

I love this little vest... clever you!


handmade romance said...

i would be proud too of this adorable vest and what a cute model you have too : ) all the best for the move and your hubby's deployment. lots going on - i love how you are channeling that creative energy in a time like this x

Rie said...

Ok, that's it. I just found your blog and it is awesome. Really awesome!
Good for you! I'm going to now follow you to keep an avid eye on you!
BTW.. good luck with your move! Texas, sounds exciting to me!!