The whole darn rainbow....

Yep the whole nine yards today. And I claim these the coolest cookies ever, at least that I have made anyways..
Me and the kids had a blast being creative with these.

I made them and some chocolate covered pretzels for a bake sale tomorrow.
Figured I would go the route of "eye catcher" . Gotta have something at that table that
gets you looking at all the yummy goodness.. 

Job well done right?? I mean who can pass these up??

The kids have already started begging me to make more.
I even attempted and failed to save a few for the hubby.
Shay kept asking me for more and when I said there was none he knew just
where I hid the few extra for dad.
And of course he told me I could just make more. Dangit, hate when the little people
out smart me...

I think next time I will let the kids have full reign of the creativity and see
what comes of it.

Because no matter what, these things hit the spot!!!

If you want to bake some fun...
I found the recipe


m.e (Cathie) said...

pure rainbow awesomeness there!!
love those lollipop sticks ♥

Kate said...

brilliant!! brilliant!! brilliant!!