buzzing along.....

I have been busy making and baking, with every intention to share here but with the added effort of keeping the closest eye on my teens I haven't been online much this week.
Not to mention the few times I have been online trying to comment on others blog posts my stupid Internet browser isn't letting me and I don't have the patience to figure it out so I get frustrated and sign off.

We are currently on Spring Break in this household and of course it falls right on Scott's rotation part of the month so it's just me and the kids hanging out with the occasional night visit from the Soldier.
I have hid the cable box and only allowed small amounts of time online for both the kids and I and wouldn't you know things are going pretty good.
The house is staying cleaner then normal and we have been very active with several visits to the park and even a few hours at the pool today...

We've  made


Among other things, like waffles, cheesecake and

Of course I have been making crafty things too...
These hats for a friends little one..

And slowly working on this little cable hat for Sophie, just cause I thought it was cute of course..

Sometimes to regain a little order you have to slow it down and get back to basics..
Taking that extra bit of time to remember how blessed you are and how fast time will fly by when you are to busy whining about the little things...

With that said, I'm sending up a big prayer for Japan and those affected by the quake.
As a California native I know earthquakes well, but I could never imagine having to deal with such widespread damage and chaos.
Just kind of kicks you in the face, that tomorrow isn't guaranteed so soak up every minute..

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delia hornbook said...

Lovely hats and i love the pink wool your using to make Sophie's. This blogging does take up a lot of time. Love the sound of your Pretzel bites. My heart goes out to Japen to its terrible the amount of loss of life that has happened and the mess its really hard to imagin one whol evillage to just gone for ever. But anyway have a lovely week, dee x