The biggest bow...

Nothing like a quick project to make you feel like your in the swing of things again. And believe me I have been feeling so out of sorts it was necessary.

So today I made this bow and thought a little accessorizing would be fun...

I think the possibilities for cutesy photo shoots are endless with this thing.
But the only place I could get Sophie to leave it alone was right on her cute little tush, so there it stayed.

As I chased her through the house and up the stairs. She refused to sit still, it's almost like the sound of the shutter gives her crazy energy. So much so you would have thought she was on a sugar high.

But I eeked out a few cute shots and she remained happy so I can't complain.

These darn things are so cute and easy so if you want to make one this is what I did..

With worsted yarn and J/6mm hook
Ch 60 join to first chain ch2
DC for 7 rows
Flatten with working yarn in middle and wrap around evenly
Fasten off..
I took chunky yarn braided it and pulled through the wrapped yarn to tie around her waist but you could do anything with this concept and make it your  own.


Casey said...

I love bows!! This is too freaking adorable :)

delia hornbook said...

awwww bless her little cotton socks so cute ;-)) Im loving the bow to well done Dee x

Tania said...

A bottom bow? Who knew such a thing would come over ENTIRELY REASONABLE. She's a cutie, that one.

Nicole said...

what a perfect place for a bow!too sweet!

Clara said...

So sweet!

Kitten's Lost Her Mittens said...

That's adorable!!