A day at Dog Beach

Life has certainly been catching up with me these past few weeks. Scott was in the field for his usual 2 weeks this month and just got home last weekend. We spent the weekend at my sister's new place. She moved a mere mile down the road but that makes it a small 6 block walk to Dog Beach. Which means Lucy is one happy clam. There is not a dog on that beach that can keep up with her, she went the water for that ball over and over for a few hours straight. We got a kick out of other dog owners taking turns throwing the ball for her because their dogs refused to go in the water.

Of course even with freezing cold water the kids all had a blast too. We will definitely be coming here a lot more if they have any say.


The craziness of everyday life on top of the approaching holidays is just about enough to make me mad.

I don't know that I have ever needed a break more then I do now, but that's life right?
Here's hoping a brighter less hectic day soon.


Clara said...

How wonderful!

delia hornbook said...

what truely beautiful photo's i love the one of your hubby lifting your child in the air ;-) They have captured your day so beautiful. Aww i hope life slows down for you real soon, but in the mean time just remember that perfect lovely at the beach ;-)) Dee x

Terrie said...

They are the most beautiful photo's =]

becclebee said...

that looks like so much fun. we head to the beach all the time, even in winter, and as it almost summer in these parts, we'll be at the beach more and more. in fact we are planning on going there today! hopefully, the weather stays beach-able for you guys for awhile. especially as your family seemed to enjoy it so much!

Nicole said...

great pics! seeing your beach made me miss mine!