Sunday Sewing.....

OK, who dropped off the sewing bug over here at my house?????

Not only have I been cleaning, cooking, baking, bossing big kids around and chasing after the little ones (ya know  the usual mom stuff).  I have been working on my sewing skills...Which let me tell you are pretty darn pathetic, and riddled with error after error, I still managed to create something today. And although it's not completely finished, still needs a button/hole, that I can not for the life of me figure out on my machine. It is otherwise put together and wearable. So I was anxious and had to show it off.

Here it is in all it's pink mistake glory!!!

 I know it doesn't look terrible,I assure you the list of oops is long.
Honestly I love it so much I will probably make several more of these so the mistakes don't bother me too much. I consider it a great learning experience.

It is a bit big on little Miss S. But that won't stop me from putting it on her.
It's still so darn cute, over sized and all...

And all I can think of is how absolutely adorable it will be on her when she is up and walking around..
Just looking at these make me want to start on another one right now!!

The pattern is from a Japanese book, and even though the sizing is a bit of a mystery. I find it way easier to follow then your normal "English" pattern. Which I assume makes me a visual learner, right? It does me no good to read a pattern when the words jumble my brain so bad I can't think straight ha ha.

Any who, off to work on my button hole skills and tackling another pattern or two :)

Hope you are having a beautiful day!


74 Lime Lane said...

it is utterly adorable! one in every colour?

Vic said...

Oh! 'Cute' doesn't even really begin to describe this, and wow I hear you on buttonholes... I have NFI when it comes to buttonholes... fabric loops can save the day & look tres cute though... ;)

I am scared of japanese pattern books. The patterns are TO DIE FOR, amazing, beautiful, but still, I am scared... maybe I should just bite the bullet & give one a whirl...?!

m.e (Cathie) said...

oh wow!! that is adorable.
glad you find pattern instructions a little confusing. I read them over & over & go...haaaaa.
gorgeous colour too.
you must be exhausted, pop round for a cupcake ♥

Ooty said...

wow - you are my super mummy hero!!!!

teddybearswednesday said...

totally totally adorable.
ANd classy too.
I love how it's a little big for her, and also at the rate the babies grow, I think it's quick thinking. xo

delia hornbook said...

ahh your daughter is just sooo cute. And don't knock yourself that iggle jacket is just brill. I know what you mean about patterns and brains ;-) Im a visual learner as well. Well done and keep going you could have an army of jackets very soon ;-)

Cotton Kiwi said...

Oh that is too cute for words! If you can't figure out your machine, you could always handsew your buttonholes with embroidery thread. Or cheat and sew little snaps along the inside and buttons on the outside. Looking forward to seeing what else you come up with!

Tania said...


Sewing skills? Pathetic? GIVE ME STRENGTH WOMAN! You navigated a Japanese pattern! IT IS AMAZING! (if I could make my capitals more capital for that last word I would).

Casey said...

that jacket is so adorable! you are going to have one stylish baby

dillpickle said...

It is so cute! And I get the button hole issue - I managed to master them for a pinny I made a while ago, but do you think I can work out how to do them again?!? Blah.

I'm realising how far behind I am visiting blogs at the moment - too busy doing stuff and getting exhausted! But I wanted to say how much I like Sophie's new softies, and also your 1x1 rib hat! You've obviously found lots of moments that have resulted in rather impressive creative output!

Anonymous said...

That is completely adorable! I love your blog, your pictures and your craft! Are you making it all up, or do you follow patterns? I really like the model of this jacket, and the colors too! It fits your beautiful daughter perfectly!

Love from Norway