Dreamy Orange Cake

I found THIS recipe yesterday and since I happened to have a few oranges left that the kids hadn't devoured yet. I thought I would hurry and bake it up, along with some freshly made whipped cream..YUM.

This is a flour less cake so the orange flavor is pretty strong but I think it's perfect. It's one of those desserts that are good because you can only handle a little at a time. And the whip cream lightens the texture up just perfectly IMO. And as mentioned in the recipe post, letting is sit a bit makes this tastier.

Just another reason why I love food blogs, don't you??
Oh and how cute is the little dish? I got it at Crate and Barrel for a few bucks..


Little Ted Canvas said...

Ooh that does look good. I'm off to grab Cathie's rosewater cup cake recipie today, isn't great to have these fabulous people at our fingertips!

Fruitful Fusion said...

This looks delicious! I tried out your pancakes BTW and they were yummy too!