No sleep for me

It's nearly 2 am,....Sophie is awake, oh and so is Shay. Which of course means I am too. I have no clue why they are awake and frankly I am exhausted from trying to get them to sleep so I give up..I mean the rest of the gang is out cold snoring away and I am about to rip my hair out. So I plopped a movie in for Shay and Sophie is on my lap as I zone out here on the web trying to keep my eyes open...I probably won't remember a darn thing that I come across so I thought I would share them here. It's just been one of those days, here's hoping it's over soon..

For the love of yarn these are adorable..Spool vases

function and play...Rugs

Love seats, so sweet..

Play Shapes So much better then your regular old blocks..

Ok, time to try this sleep thing again.....Adios for now


becclebee said...

i love that rug. what fun. but i hope you get some sleep soon!!!

Tania said...

I really, really hope you're snoring as I type. I never was a fan of a spontaneous 2am kid party myself.

teddybearswednesday said...

I hope you're fast asleep by now.
What's the kids at 2am? My cat unfortunately alway feels 2am is the time where she really needs to tell me how much she loves me.
I love the love chairs! xo