Fluffy goodness...

If you watch any Alton Brown shows you might have seen these already.

You can find the recipe HERE.  They really aren't that hard to make but be prepared for a mess.
And super sticky fingers, the cornstartch/powdered sugar  combo do wonders to help with that though.

 There are tons of different takes on homemade marshmallows in blog land. I thought I would start with the basics first and then go from there.
 Excited to try a different version soon.
Til then I am thinking about making THESE.
But I am pretty sure the kids would love THIS idea a bit more.

And oh yes, rocky road ice cream would be perfect too.
The possibilities...


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Bernice said...

Mmmmm marshmallow. My 3 year old son and I had a go at marshmallow a few months ago. Such a hit! I've been focussing my efforts on honeycomb dipped in chocolate of late. I'm yet to master it, but am enjoying the trial-runs regardless.