A girly aviator hat

Sooner or later she is going to refuse to wear hats for mommy. And thankfully it wasn't today, because I got the itch to make her yet another hat. And for whatever reason this is where my journey took me.

Actually  this is pretty  much a totally  different style then I have made before so it was a bit of fun.  And I impressed my self with the last thought addition of the fringed yarn it totally girls it up. Considering I was this close to up sizing it a bit to make it for Shay. (which I do plan on doing, and adding the pattern). But this one suits little miss just fine and I am crossing my fingers for a cold cloudy day in the next few months so she can wear it out and about.

I know too funny wearing a super warm hat with a tank top(not to mention the bribe of a Wii controller.). Really it's like 100 degrees or so outside this evening but the light is beautiful so I couldn't pass it up.

Told ya  crochet was sneaking back in ;)


Little Ted Canvas said...

she is scrumptious! your hat looks fantastic, really cute..

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

That is so cute I can't get over it!!

plushka said...

how cute is that hat! love it!

Kate said...

Never too young for a wii bribe hey!
Love the hat.
Maybe you need to have a link on your side bar to all your patterns. They are such great ones we wouldn't want them to get lost now would we.
Hope you and the gang have a fab weekend.

Kirsten said...

The hat is adorable, the bub is gorgeous. LOL at the Wii bribe - it's obviously hot property.

Maree Rose said...

Love it, love it, love it. Would also love a pattern if you are feeling generous. We are going to a music festival soon and it is going to be freezing so I am looking for a hat for Paddy that will cover his ears. This would be perfect!

Casey said...

eek! that is too adorable!