Time for a change???

I like my hair, I really do.  But honestly this is the most I have done with it, in I don't know how long. It's long and heavy and with a very (hair pulling) happy baby. It has just become miserable if it's anything other then up in a pony.

So today I have started seriously considering the CUT. And to tell you the truth I am terrified. You see when you go in with long hair like mine they refuse to cut it. And only after a million "are you sures" do they mange to snip a few inches off. And leave you with something that barely resembles the idea in your head.

I know I know speak up..don't leave until you get what you want!!
And to that I say....I am just  not that assertive unfortunately. I mean I do my best to get my point across but I swear they are so focused on all that hair they can't hear me. So I pay what's due, tip too much and move on. Only to end up back in this same situation..BLAH..

Maybe this time will be different. Maybe I should just plan to go in several times and get a few inches cut off each time ha ha..What do you think? Does anyone else have this hair cut frustration?


Cindy said...

Just go in with a pic of what you want and tlk to the hairdresser about the cut before making an appointment and only make a booking with one that sounds truly interested and excited about it. Usually they love cutting hair shorter here

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

I agree wityh Cindy - it is often easier to be assertive over the phone too so tell them when you book that you don't just want a few inches off- you don't want to be talked out of it etc etc . I think you will feel a lot lighter when it is shorter.

Maree Rose said...

I am also at the hair cutting crossroads. I don't have hair as beautiful and long as you but it is long enough to worry about cutting it off. I want a cute little bob but my baby has just started grabbing everything including my hair which I can now pull back. But I want it! Your hair is so gorgeous and thick it must be heavy! But that also means a cute short doo would look awesome - do it I say!

Andrea said...

I have long hair down almost to my waist and I get so tired of it just being long and blah. Then I go get it cut short and I miss having long hair! So I'm probably not the best to give hair cutting advice. Good luck!

NurseExec said...

I used to have hair down to my lower back. I cut it to shoulder length first, then chin length, and finally to my current pixie cut. I love having it super short--it's cute and totally easy to maintain. I don't miss my long hair at ALL! Good luck with your hair "project"!

Vic said...

Oh, I think hairdressers are very different here! Every time I have gone in with long hair there have almost been fights over who gets to get their hands on it lol, they seem to love a good hair lopping over here... ;)

Other than that, I agree with what Cindy & Cath said, and GOOD LUCK! I have had my hair long - short - long - short - long - short for such a long time, sometimes I love it, sometimes not, but you will definately feel a certain liberation when all that weight is cut off (& diet free!), & think of the free time not spent brushing!

Good luck!

m.e (Cathie) said...

yeah, I definitely agree with Cindy.
it must be easier over here to get the chop I think.
I did that over a year ago, got too much to manage & no time to make it look anything decent & always tied up in a ponytail.
it will make you feel liberated, explain you have a small child & need something manageable & funky!
if they refuse..take someone else in with you for support. GOODluck!
wishing you a happy weekend Amanda ♥

Seaside Siblings said...

I had hair halfway down my back for most of my life but cut it into a bob about a year ago. I do love it and feel much more grown up and stylish, lol. But, sometimes I still wish I had long hair.
I agree with the others, take in a photo of what you want, good luck!

Jennifer Rose said...

when my hair was past my butt, i always was asked a dozen times if I was sure I wanted it all cut off "yes! it grows back!" never had a problem after they saw how fast it grows back. don't have a problem getting it cut here either, most are more then happy to experiment with my hair.
maybe hack some of your hair off yourself and then they have to fix it for you? ;p

Painting 4 Him said...

Go in with the plan to give your hair to 'locks of love' then they will be happy to cut however much off that you want in one long piece. Then they can do the cut you want afterwards...Happy Happy!