Cookie overload and a few faves from this week's MCS

Do you ever follow a recipe and not look at the serving size?

I usually pay attention because we are such a large household, always has to be enough to go around. But when doing a bit of midnight baking I payed absolutely no attention. It was cookies after all they usually yield a few dozen right?

your gonna get a whole lot more..
Like a little over 4 dozen to be accurate..

 Of course the kids are super excited for their after school snack today.
And Sophie was more then anxious to test them out first for everyone...

If you haven't already noticed I am a huge fan of Kirsty's My Creative Space and each week she links to her favorite from the previous week. Sometimes it's one I loved too or even more exciting one that I missed. I figured since the list is becoming amazingly long I would do the same and list a few of my faves for you to discover (if you haven't already). While I drool over them again abd chomp on a few cookies.

Totally completely smitten with this Unicorn

Love these pillows

The cutest little mouse around

Coffee Sack cushion covers, very cool.


Oh this ever so cool cubby house..Can I have one please?

I guess I should get back to my regularly scheduled program of cleaning up messes...

Have a wonderful day!


beck said...

I bet the rest of those cookies didn't last long! Love your gorgeous photo's as always..xo

m.e (Cathie) said...

yep, i have made that mistake aswell but i don't have a squishy cutie like that to model them for me!
absolutely gorgeous.
happy friday lovely ♥

Leah said...

Such gorgeous photos. Both the baby and cookies look good enought to eat. hehe

Catherine said...

I love the photos Amanda, just gorgeous. I bet the biscuits won't last long. Have a great weekend.

Maxabella said...

Yummo!!!! Can you really have an overload of cookies?

Your photographer is beautiful, as ever. x

Fippa said...

If there's one thing that Americans have perfected, it's a cookie. Did you ever make a recipe that was going around a few years ago for Nieman Marcus cookies? They are by far the best ones I have ever made, but maybe you could post the recipe for these ones because they look pretty tasty too.

teddybearswednesday said...

Love the photos, and I'm sure your cookies won't last long.
thanks for the great tips and photo tour.
Hope youve found another way to get away from your cleaning. xo

Sally said...

Oh those cookies look so fantastic stacked up like that. Yummo.

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

i absolutely love your photos- so beautifully crispy.

Kristi said...

i am totally smiling over here because i have the tiniest oven in australia and it would take me days to bake four batches.

Casey said...

oh gosh, cookies? you're just making me craze all sorts of stuff tonight! I always have to double cookie recipes when I bake, we like cookies