Well that's one way to eat your veggies....

Yep we have carrot cake in the house today. And I am pretty sure my Soldier is going to ban me from baking soon. You see they are required to maintain a certain level of fitness, and apparently I am not helping the cause.

Hey it's got carrots at least...

I know the past 7 months have been all about Miss Sophie. And while my 12yr old Alexis has lost all her cute baby chub, I am constantly being reminded by family and friends that "I'm in trouble" "That girl is beautiful" etc. etc. While I plug my ears and shout" LA LA LA I'm not listening" more importantly "I'm not ready"

In an attempt to bond more with my daughter and push back, if even for a little bit. The days of yelling at me for not letting her get her way, especially when it comes to boys.
                                   I am going to make a huge effort to have  more photo sessions with her.

So today I bribed her with a slice of cake and with a little coaxing I even got a few smiles to show up.
I know how important it is to make sure she knows and sees just how beautiful she is and I don't just mean on the outside. Growing up I didn't have that and I want to make sure she never has to feel the way that I did, live learn and pass it on.

Besides what wouldn't you give to have some great pictures of yourself from this age?

Oh and the Carrot Cake recipe was yet again from Smitten Kitchen
I am bit obsessed with it I know.But when it turns out
treats as good as this I can't stay away.

Don't blink or it will be gone!!!!


Cath @ chunkychooky said...

She IS gorgeous! and so is the cake!

Little Eve said...

Great pics! I feel the same about my 12yr old girl. Wouldn't it be great if they grew up feeling as beautiful as we see that they are. Here's hoping!

Casey said...

cake, yum! Your daughter is gorgeous and it is such a great idea to do more photo sessions with her :)

Cotton Kiwi said...

Great photos! Both your son and daughter are gorgeous (and that cake doesn't look too bad either!). Your daughter is very lucky to have a Mum like you.

PaisleyJade said...

Where have you been all my life! I love your blog - and especially your crochet creations!

Not sure if you are interested - but feel free to get involved with my crafting project... http://www.paisleyjade.com/2010/08/attention-all-craft-nerds.html