Off to the races!

This weekend my sister and our gang went to the Horse Races at Santa Anita...Scott couldn't believe that I had grown up in Southern California and never attended. I guess it's just not something you think of doing when you are younger. And since I am on a kick to get the most out of California while we are here ( mainly to bribe hubby into wanting to move here when he either gets out or retires from the Army) it was on our to do list because he has talked several times about going in Texas with his family.

To toot my own horn, my first bet on my first ever race was a winner!!! YAY me...But Scott beat us all with a $125 win on the very last race of the day. Win or Lose it was a great day and I can't wait to go back.

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Anonymous said...

Oh man...I love the race track! Seven more weeks until Churchill Downs opens. :) It looks like you all had fun!