What's in my phone?

I figured since I am always snapping quick pics of the kids and such with my cell phone. I would share a little of my adventures periodically....The quality is super lacking but you get the point....:)

Girl time, I love this photo mainly the way Sophie is staring at the camera!! Lucy is just a tad jealous of the new addition. But she makes sure to get her loves in any way she can like making me feel guilty with this sad puppy dog look.. :)

Just a bit of swing time for Shay from our Wednesday hang out time on base. He keeps me busy on those days. Between this and bathroom runs I can't tell you how many times we get in and out of the car those days.

Back to the Future.....We were at Knott's Berry Farm and as we left the kids noticed the Back to the Future Car..This thing was cool. It had everything I am guessing it was visiting from Universal studios. Wish I had my Nikon with me but the cell phone had to do.

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Anonymous said...

Okay...so has Alexis gotten taller than Andrew, or is it just bc she's up on the curb?