A little bit of Crochet...And it's sweet model

I miss my crafty days....Finally dug out some yarn I had stashed away in one of the bags and made up a new hat for Sophie...I am trying really hard not to buy anything to craft because well we have enough clutter in the hotel room as it is. I am sure Scott would just love to come home and see yarn strewn all over..haha..


Kate said...

Thanks Amanda! I've been dying to see that gorgeous gal in one of your creations. Too cute X

Anonymous said...

Adorable hat and even more adorable baby. :)

Miss Muggins said...

Sophie is like a little doll in that lovely hat. Wish i could give her a cuddle xx

m.e (Cathie) said...

awww Amanda!! I don't know what is cuter little one or little one with gorgeous creation.
well you did create both... definitely gorgeous.
Sophie is adorable...squisssshhh