State of Bliss

We made it safely to California!!!

Currently hanging out at my sisters in Huntington Beach..I seriously LOVE this place, but who doesn't enjoy the sound of the waves and fresh beach air, right?? I am still in a state of shock that I get to live in SoCal again.

The road trip went rather smooth. Sophie was absolutely perfect. I think she cried an entire 10 minutes out of the whole trip. I am so so blessed with this little one. And Shay did amazing as well he had no issues with sitting in his carseat and never once threw a fit about anything. So yep I am bragging a bit :) :) :)

I will say I miss blogland, feel like it has been ages...I can't wait to get a house and get settled into a routine so I can get back in the loop here...Until then I will pop up here and there when I can sneak a second away.
Loving California  :)



We've decided it's finally time for a bed upgrade...I am a bit of a softie when it comes to bedtime and Shay still sleeps with us. Although his crib is set up right next to our bed he almost always ends up beside me before the morning comes. Now with the new addition it's way to cramped to squeeze us all on such a small bed. So King size here we come.....

I know Co-sleeping can be a touchy subject and I believe whatever works best for you and your family is the best choice. I am just one of those mommies who sleeps better with her little ones next to her. Not to mention breastfeeding is so much easier when the little one is already in bed with you. And getting two 4 hour stretches of sleep with a newborn is just marvelous :)....

To further prove my point on needing a bigger bed. (not that I need to) This morning as I squeezed myself out from in between the littles and hubby....Awww


Road Trip

I was just checking out our little impending road trip. This is the route mapquest and google want us to take but since there will probably be snow and/or rain. We will be taking a more southern route on the 20 going through dallas, odessa, el paso instead of the 40 shown here, looking at about 1700 miles. Thank goodness for dvd players and Ipods. I have made  drives like this several times in my life but never with a newborn so I am a bit anxious about the whole experience. Hopefully it goes as smoothly as possible and little Sophie continues to be the perfect angel that she has been. Time to stock up on Diego and Dora videos for Shay.


Settling in...

Thank you everyone for the warm welcome of Miss Sophie....She's peeking in to say hi!!!

It always amazes me how quickly you forget what life was like before a new baby in the family arrives. Things are going so smoothly here despite the chaos of a move 3 days away. And Sophie is the most perfect little sweetie pie, I feel so incredibly blessed to be her mommy. The kids are doing so well adjusting to her as well. I expected a bit of lashing out from Shay but he is even surprising me. I give all the credit to Sophie though because I believe if she was high maintenance Shay would have more of an issue with her. But her laid back attitude gives Shay enough time to still be attached to me. So she is already a pro at keeping the peace it seems :)....

As far as our move...The container just showed up yesterday and the next few days will be full of packing and loading it up. Monday they will come pick it up and haul it toward our destination. And we will begin our cross country trip on Tuesday. Planning a stop in Texas for Scott's family to see the baby. And then continue on our journey west. It's so exciting and stressful at the same time....

For those who are curious, yes the Army will move you but we have had quite an experience with damage and losing things from the companies the Army uses. So to save ourself the hassle we opted to do it ourselves. It's definitely more work but knowing our stuff is safe and making a little extra money for the hard work, is worth the hassle in our opinion. Hopefully it continues to be a better choice as we go along..

I am just super anxious to get to California and hopefully get into a new place very soon so I can feel settled and secure. For now it's crazy town :)


She's here.........

Welcome, Sophie Anne-Marie

Weighing in at a whopping 9lbs 8oz and 22 in. long,

It took her a while to get her move on but once she did she wasn't wasting any time.  My first "real" contraction happened at 9:15pm Jan 17th and she made her appearance at 11:06pm. This was my first all natural birth no pain meds and while I was hoping I would have the courage to do it this time around. I didn't anticipate not having a choice in the matter lol...It was a great experience despite the pain and I am a proud mommy of a big healthy baby girl!!!!! 


A full house....

First off....Still very very preggo...

In the mix of all that is going on my mom decided to make the drive from San Diego to help us with the move....Or should I say be here when the baby is born :P....

There are definitely some positives to this, the biggest being help with the kids when I am in the hospital since it was just going to be me and hubby trying to work it all out on our own. And then of course the help with the moving and transporting of our second car.

But as we all know family can be drama haha....My mom, sister,  brother and their three sheltie dogs make for a VERY crowded chaotic house.  That's 9 people and 4 dogs if your keeping track.....

And of course a mom around her preggo daughter is always a bit overbearing in itself...It's making for a very interesting weekend to say the least...I just hope in the end I still have my sanity and we are safely on our way to California come the 26th...

Again thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers it brightens my day to no end!! And as you can see by the picture I need them because carrying around this monster baby girl is getting very taxing....

Just  praying at the most I have only 2 days left before an induction!!!


Still waiting....

I have been packing today and cleaning (well as much as I can) I keep thinking that maybe if I exert myself to the max she will decide she is not comfy and get out!!!!

No such luck, yet.....

Thanks everyone for your positive thoughts..Keep'em coming! I am doing my best to be patient just not very good at it :P

To make matters worse my wonderful internet has been down all day and they said it will probably be off and on for the next few days....Great timing huh???


Flower Power head band tutorial

Abbreviations/ US terms
Ch. -Chain
Sl St - Slip Stitch

SC - Single Crochet
HDC - Half Double Crochet
DC - Double Crochet
TC - Triple Crochet

Lion brand yarn with... I /5.5mm hook used.

Ch 31

Sc in 2nd ch from hook
Ch 2 skip 1 ch sc in next ch. til end, sc in last ch. , ch1 turn  (each ch space will be one petal)

 Petals 1-3: 4 hdc sl st ch1 in ch 2 space.. x3

 Petals  4-6: 2dc 1sc 2dc sl st ch 1.. x3

 Petals 7-9: 1tc 1dc 1hdc 1tc 1dc ch1 sl st ch1.. x3

 Petals  10-15: 6 tc ch1 sl st ch1.. x5

1 sc in last sc...

Fasten off leave long tail for securing petals together...

twist petals together tightly and line up last petal next to the 10th petal  (first tc petal)

secure all petals in place by weaving beginning and end tails through entire flower..

I work through the center and weave back and forth catching all petals in
each row through ch 2 spaces. once all are secured fasten off.

Create a braided head band as thick or thin as you like about 24 inches long...
Weave through back of flower double knot at desired length to fit head and
pull knot behind flower so remaining braid hangs next to flower and VOILA!!!

If you find anything weird, or have any questions  feel free to ask...And make sure to let me know if you make one...:)


These cookies....

Are good enough to distract me ( a little ) from the fact that today is my DUE DATE and I am obviously still sitting here waiting....

I am not sure how I even came across this recipe, it's amazing what turns up when you are just browsing around late at night...Anywho if you remember I made these for Ayden's class the other day and they were a huge hit. Actually we had a few extra and after eating one Scott tried to sneak more out of the container already packed for Ayden. Good thing I knew better....Could you imagine how upset the kids at school would have been who missed out because of him...Big stinker...

Ok back to the cookie, really I am not a Chocolate Chip Cookie fan but I could eat a dozen of these very easily...And to top it off they are pretty straight forward to make....So yes I am making more of these tonight to chow down and drown my misery :P.....

Oh you might want the link to the recipe huh??? Best Chocolate Chip Cookies


Needed a night out....

Yep I actually got out of the house for an evening. Since there isn't much around these parts it doesn't happen often but I was going a bit stir crazy and Ayden requested Chuck E. Cheese for his birthday dinner which is an hour away so it had to wait til the weekend.

Anywho...I didn't do much but walk around and snap a few cell phone pictures and videos of the little man playing games...But my proudest moment has to be this one....

Look at him, playing skeeball...It makes mommy soooo proud....I am a skeeball addict, and since I obviously couldn't join along tonight (yes I did try haha). Shay was more then happy to take my place and demand to play over and over. That's my boy!!! It was his first time playing and it definitely won't be his last...:)

A few others he enjoyed!!!

Of course the other 3 were nowhere to be found, go figure...
All in all it was a nice distraction, now I get to sit here and deal with pains of being 40weeks preggo..BLAH


Getting in on the headband love

Who can miss those adorable crochet flower "hippy" headbands floating around blogland? I love them and since I have a daughter who might actually wear them I had to give one a go.

Turns out I really like it..Needs a bit of tweaking but for a quickie project I think I did pretty good. I also am loving the flower choice but I need to alter it a bit. I'll share the pattern as soon as I get it figured out k?


Breaking in blankie...

Seems daddy thinks this oh so pretty pink blanket needs a little breaking in before baby girl gets here...Haha
I jumped in the shower real quick and by the time I got out, dad is passed out on the couch snuggled up. While the kids are running around at 9pm playing hide'n'seek. Must be nice to be able to sleep through all this noise. I can barely sleep when it's dead quiet these days...

Yep I'm a bit jealous :P


Crafting while I wait....and a Thank You

First off thank you so much to everyone for the positive thoughts. I really really really need them. It means the world to me!! I know the little waiting time I have left will seem like nothing once I am on the other side. But you all help keep me sane more then you know :)...

I know your not surprised to see another hat in my stash. But it's been a minute since I made my last crochet hat. So I just had to throw one together this morning when I got the urge to pull out the hook.

This is just a simple shell stitch hat made with knitpicks wool. Turned out super cute IMO...Although I would much rather capture an image of the little girl wearing it. That will just have to wait until she decides to make her appearance..You know how it goes.

Happy Birthday Ayden...

Double Digits..My baby for 7 years who is about to become the middle child is 10..Happy Birthday Big Boy!! I love you...

We made cookies for his class I think he was pleased...


Lord grant me patience...

Yes I am still sitting here,  VERY pregnant and not happy about it. As I have briefly mentioned before this is what my body does so I should not be surprised but being #5 I was hoping to catch a little slack, apparently not....

It's so hard to get the comments constantly...(oh you should go any day, your so ready, #5 this is no biggie for you.) And of course a glutton for punishment I nose around mommy forums with the same due date month and find several mommies having babies weeks before they are due and it being their first ones...GRRRR

My cervix is not my friend. She refuses to give up the goods holding in these bundles of joy all to herself for as long as the dr.'s let her. All of my kids have been "overdue", I know I still have a few days left before this one is technically late. But given this due date is based on my LMP and I know I O'd  early not to mention she has measured a week early consistently since the beginning she is now officially late in my mind.

My history: A week late and induced with my first, my second which happens to be my only natural progression into labor was 12 days late. She was beyond ready to come out, her face was so bruised from sitting in my pelvis for so long and my placenta had calcium deposits on it. My third 8 days late random contractions led me to L&D I sat for a day and finally a midwife came in broke my water what do you know he was born an hour later. #4 11 days late induced because of low fluids he was beyond ready too, thankfully not bruised but more of a bruiser haha...9lbs 10oz's.

So here I sit, getting ready to move on the 25th and waiting for a baby to come NOW so that I am not completely in recovery mode or burning travel days sitting here waiting til an appropriate time to travel with a newborn. Also praying that my dr. won't stick strongly to the 42 week induction plan because not only would that throw everything off travel wise I am pretty sure it would be dangerous for baby because well she would really be 43 weeks IMO...

So I guess I am asking for more action then patience at this point but you get my drift....My next appt is Thursday here's hoping for a good report.....

And I don't want to count out going into labor naturally..I would absolutely love for this to happen!!!!


A fun find.....

It's late I can't sleep and I came across this cool website. Wordle you enter your blog address and it puts together a neat little jumble of words that are found in your blog. Cute right?? It doesn't spit out a code so you have to screen shot it but easy enough! Just thought I would pass it along.



Not only did I serve the kids up some scrumptious made from scratch pancakes for breakfast this morning.

I finished up my sisters "toasty" gloves for her birthday..(which of course was yesterday)
Despite a few loose spots I think I did pretty darn good..

All in a days work..


Mastering DPN's ???

Well I am far from mastering, no doubt about that. But I have started my first project on the little buggers. Wow I have never felt so uncoordinated haha...The funny thing is they are relatively easy to learn, I just can't seem to figure out the correct way to hold them or transfer from one side to the next. I'm sure all the dpn'ers of the world have been here done that but my journey begins now...Wish me luck!!

My progress so far...Not bad right???  I am going for the "toasty" fingerless glove pattern HERE . Nervous about the thumbhole but I am staying positive for now :P


My 365

So I decided to jump in and do the 365 challenge....Oh Goodness me...

I can't wait to be able to look back and remember each day of this new year. Hopefully with all that is in store I am able to keep up relatively well. We shall see..........

If you want to check it out you can find it here..... My 3-6-5