Road Trip

I was just checking out our little impending road trip. This is the route mapquest and google want us to take but since there will probably be snow and/or rain. We will be taking a more southern route on the 20 going through dallas, odessa, el paso instead of the 40 shown here, looking at about 1700 miles. Thank goodness for dvd players and Ipods. I have made  drives like this several times in my life but never with a newborn so I am a bit anxious about the whole experience. Hopefully it goes as smoothly as possible and little Sophie continues to be the perfect angel that she has been. Time to stock up on Diego and Dora videos for Shay.


dillpickle said...

I hope that the trip is as smooth as it possibly could be!

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

Wow! What a trip!! Hoping it as a smooth us can be and you can find the time to enjoy yourselves along the way xox

Erin said...

Best of luck on your venture!