His first sentence

Shay has been a little slow on the talking end of things. He figures everyone talks for him so why should he. I don't blame him, lol.

Well I have made it a point to make him either repeat me or the A's or try to say what something is before I give it to him...And I think it is working!!!

Today I was in the kitchen.."I am always in the kitchen" and Shay was sitting at the table waiting for lunch. Nothing unusual I hear Mom?.. Yes Shay?..., Mom?..., What Shay? Then a long pause and then he looks at me with his arms up in the air. MOM What are you DOING??? ....It was so clear and adorable. Especially when he realized what he had done. Nothing beats the beautiful accomplished smile of a little one figuring out they can do something :)....

I know I know pretty soon I will dread the fact that he is talking up a storm but right now I am enamored by it so, Shhhh :P

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