Fun with lessons

So Grandma taught the A's how to play Texas hold'em last year while visiting her. While I don't think it's a horrid thing. I will admit it is a bit unsettling giving them the knowledge of how to play a game without them understanding the potential hazards of playing as they get older, especially the availability on the Internet. Basically I feel as a parent these days it is hard to keep things out of the minds of our children but there is still much we can do to make sure they know how to handle these bits of info that they pick up throughout their lives.

Soooo with that being said. The A's decided they wanted to play cards with us yesterday. After all it is quite boring and hot here in Louisiana, can't blame them.
Me and Scott obliged, but with a twist. We would be playing with CHORES. Yep..I named three things that needed to be done and that way they could maybe learn that there is a price to pay when you play types of games.

Of course my non-focused self was out first.Thanks to Scott who went head to head with me DORK, what was he thinking lol. Alexis then Ayden were next. Andrew ended up winning "of course" The boy has luck on his side. But with a little hesitation they did their chores and hopefully learned a little something from the event.

I don't want to break down their spirit and make them think that they can't win. But I want them to be able to approach things like this rationally and remember that, yes I could win but if I lose will it be worth it.

I guess only time will tell but at least I can sleep a little easier knowing I am putting an honest effort towards helping them understand a few of life's little lessons.

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