A few creations this week

A crayon roll and a car...

I found this awesome crayon roll tutorial here at skip to my Lou. As with most first things I do I rushed through it, so of course I am not happy with it.But that just gives me incentive to make a few more, so it's not all bad :P Not to mention, this is the perfect thing to have when we are out and about and need to keep Shay entertained.

And of course I had to try my hand in applique so I made up a little car shirt for Shay. No real pattern here just used what I had on hand. Think it turned out pretty cute. And I am sure this won't be the last of my little applique creations. It is really fun.

With all that has been going on this week I am surprised I found time to do much of anything. But it is sure nice to have something to focus on when you feel like you need a break from the crazy family life...

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