Loving the treadmill

I have already logged 10 miles on the treadmill in the few days I have had it. I am obsessed. I know it's weird for a girl to love a treadmill especially when running is the hardest thing for me to do exercise wise, but it's true. I am so far out of shape it's ridiculous. I certainly don't lack the motivation so I know it's just a matter of time before I am feeling like my old self again.

So I saw this treadmill mileage tracker on a blog a few weeks ago. It was totally random so I know the hopes of me finding it again are pretty rare. But that hasn't stopped me from looking. "still looking"

As soon as I find it I will add it to the blog so I/We can keep track of those miles I rack up on my new favorite thing.
Other news...Scott is doing alot better I am pretty sure they got it all. The pressure as eased up and now it just seems to be the actual sore that is hurting him. And playing Dr. for him is not so bad but I think he hates me cause I am not nice about pulling the tape off ...heeheehee...He's tough he's in the Army ..right??? :P

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