Waffle Anyone???

Here is my heavenly waffle from dinner the other night....YUM...All thanks to a Christmas present I got from my sister last year...:) My poor hubby attempted to fulfill this wish for a waffle maker the year prior to my sister giving it to me but he just couldnt get it right..Although it turned into a funny story poor thing made a valiant effort..lol..
He had asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I mentioned a waffle maker one of the big ones they use in restaurants. Well he never worked in a restaurant so how was he to know. He originally got me a big flat square one. Then my sister called him to let him know I wanted a "circle" one because I had come across the square one on accident and had blabbed to my sister who tried to make it right and fix it without me knowing. Of course he went out and bought a new one that was indeed circle but it stil wasn't the model I wanted..Although I didnt know this until we opened gifts that morning and I let him down gentley ..lol.. He was bummed of course but turns out tracking down the one I wanted was a pain anyways so we returned them and kind of forgot about it. Till last year when I recieved my new waffle maker in the mail from my sister...YAY!!! And although I dont make them nearly enough because I love them so much...We had some for dinner the other night and here is the result :)