Simply Slouchy Beanie pattern

I am finally getting a Creative Space in this year. I was curious and recently added a statcounter here, I was surprised to see a ton of people have looked up my previous slouchy pattern so I thought I would make another one with my new style of closing the top. So I hope people let me know when and if they try this one out. It's about as simple as it gets so the beginner can give this a go...If you have any questions please ask away. I'm eager to help

Doesn't my daughter look thrilled ...haha

US terms
HDC....Half double crochet
SC...Single Crochet

J hook
worsted weight yarn

Ch.55  join

row1... ch2 hdc in each ch. join

row2-24... ch2, hdc around, join.

Turn "tube" inside out pull working yarn through. Pinch into "plus sign" shape (see picture) creating 4 corners with working yarn at the end of one corner SC to center.  Slip stitch up to the end of next corner, then SC back down to center repeat for 3rd corner and  lastly SC straight up the 4th side fasten off at the end of the corner.

flip right side out VOILA!!!


Kirsty said...

It looks great & I love that grey.

Chicken Willow said...

Love the hat! Thanks for checking out my blog.

Tracey@bountifully said...

looks good, might have to give that one a try

Kristi said...

Anytime I see people knitting or crocheting my fingers start twitching. That hat is super cute.

Kate said...

Gorgeous hat!
I still haven't made one that fits its intended recipient. I'm so sorry about the housing situation. I hope it works out REALLY, REALLY soon. X

Ooty said...

Thanks! This looks great and fun to make I will try it =)
I hope that you'll have soon date for your move

Unknown said...

Wow. If I could corchet I would be all over this- so cute and perfect for the weather right now. your daughter is a beautiful model! xo m.

Sarah said...

Lovely hat and gorgeous colour. Thanks for the directions. My crochet abilities don't go much further than a granny square but I fancy having a go at that pattern.

Unknown said...

looks like a foreign language to me, but that hat is wonderful. Wish I had one...I love the design.

Donna said...

adorable and easy!!! love it :)

Heather said...

Thanks so much for sharing this. It is Exactly what my teen son wants in a hat and I'm so pleased to find the directions to make him one. Thanks again!!

Anonymous said...

These patterns are so beautiful. Do you allow people to sell the finished products if we give you credit for the pattern?

mei said...

I am a VERY new beginner (just got my crochet needle this week) and I absolutely am determined to make this hat! However I have some very beginner questions:When you say hdc in each ch, should I assume that it is always every 3rd ch? Also, how do I hdc around?

Unknown said...

Iamechan, you are hdc'ing in every single chain. Not every third. you are just working around the entire chain joining, then chaining to start a new row and so on. Hope that helps.

Bobi M. said...

Can you make me one PLEASE!!! That hat is so cute...and fall is just around the corner...sorta.

Jessica Larae said...

LOVE it! I'm teaching my husband to crochet and looking for easy patterns for him! I am definitely going to make this for myself!!

xx Jess, www.swensonlove.com

Char said...

How do you seal it at the top? I've been trying so many times but it never looks the same as the picture:<

Anonymous said...

I have the same question! I cannot for the life of me figure out how to finish off the top. Help?

BrendaMarie68 said...

If you did the magic loop and worked the hat from the top down in the round, you wouldn't have to deal with the bunching in the top or any seams. Nice hat. :-)

Kelly said...

Could you please tell me the final height/width of the hat laying flat? I'm just using a smaller yarn and hook but want to work it up to the same final product :) thanks!

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