Spring Pullover

Ready for Spring? Sarah is. 
She just published the pattern for this reversible spring pullover. Amazing crochet, and I don't think that I could pass this thing up if I saw it hanging in store. Not to mention it couldn't be more perfect for the slowly changing temps this season. 

You can find it HERE on Ravelry


Elisabeth Andree said...

The pullover is pretty, I love the stripes, and little Sarah looks happy with it.

Elisabeth Andree said...

Oops I didn't read it very well, I ment to write, the little girl looks happy with it. Sorry:)

Ana BC said...

adorable top ;-)

Guro said...

Love it, really adorable!

mel @ loved handmade said...

Oh that's really sweet, and your little model is forever gorgeous..x

Sarah said...

The photography is stunning Amanda.

Lavendel en Papaver said...

With three little girls in the house I really cannot resist this sweet pullover. So cute!

Jane George said...

lovely lovely lovely xxxx

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