Weeks like these....

Don't you just love when life catches up with you? When your kids are on their own schedule when your other half is gone or maybe too preoccupied to help. When you are too tired to do anything but you do anyways and no one is there to even say good job...

Yep I am having one of those weeks and dangit I blame most of it one those kids of mine.

This one Mr. Andrew or should I say Mr. Right and is the child who assumes he knows better, so pretty much every conversation we have of late is just an argument...Yay me!!!

Ayden here is going through the "why are you picking on me stage" and any time I try to tell him to do something or help him understand why I feel he isn't contributing enough he immediately puts up the "your so mean to me" card and shuts down...WHOOHOOO

Alexis??? Oh yes the one who won't come home after school and when she finally walks in the door she plops herself down on the couch so I can tell her a million times to do her chores or no Softball that day. We won't even talk about her too cool attitude....

The handful duo Shay and Sophie...These two have not been to bed before 12:00am all week..
I can't for the life of me figure this out..They run around outside get dirty get clean eat plenty of food etc. etc. And they just flat out refuse to go to sleep. I hope it's short lived because my sanity depends on it.

Now on top of all that  we are still in full swing with baseball/softball..
The boys started their final tournament yesterday and my girls still have our tournament slotted for next week. As much fun as it is to coach and watch my kids play I am pretty worn out at the moment.

Crafty Goodness???
Hahaha, oh wait yeah I started a little bit of something, I about 10 more rows into then this but you get the point...It's a granny that I think I will turn into a bag..

Of course snacking is a must so I whipped up some chocolate shortbread for the littles (and me) to munch on yesterday while we played in the sunlight..

Now it's Thursday I am exhausted and we are waiting for Daddy to come home from the field so we can enjoy a long weekend. And I can just maybe catch up on a little sleep.

Here's to finding some me time soon!!


m.e (Cathie) said...

oh no, what a week for you!
i hope that you get hubby home soon to save your sanity.
at least you can look at these pics and smile...your kids are absolutely gorgeous!
those two little monkeys may be adjusting to the warmer weather and body clocks out of whack..who knows why they do the things they do! mine have been stretching it to after 9pm lately..arghhhhh.

here's to a restful weekend for you all ♥

Casey said...

:( I'm having a bad week too! actually more like month...

I hope you can find time to get some relaxing in soon!

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Glad your hubby will be home soon. Get some sleep and "you" time.
You are doing a great job! Keep reminding yourself that.
ps: I have had an awful week too.
Love from Cat xox

delia hornbook said...

Oh dear i really feel for you bless you. Being a parent is so hard sometimes. Your children are gorgeous and your daughter is a beauty. I like to think at this age its just a faze there pushing the boundaries but it will get easier i am sure. Hang in there. Have a lovely time with your husband and maybe he can let you have a few hours to yourself it will do you the world of good, hugs dee x

Grupo Mãos Dadas said...

i don't have any children, my choice
so, i can make suggestions to every mom anytime... (just kidding)
why don't you stop doing something, like laundry, or desert for dinner, or breakfast,and when they ask, you just answer: "you are so mean" or "uh! are you talking to me?"
i know any mother can not do that, but it worths a try

Sarah said...

THanks for sharing this. It is nice to hear that we all go through our rough patches and that this too shall pass! As for the toddlers, have you heard of this book? http://www.amazon.com/Go-F-Sleep-Adam-Mansbach/dp/1617750255

Amanda said...

I have not Sarah, gotta check this out :) TY

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Your house sounds like mine except with a couple more kiddies - how do they know when you are tired and then to turn on their act :-( Ggggrrrrr. I am sending sleepy vibes to your little ones in the hope they sleep for you!

Hosted Exchange Email said...

I really loved the baby pictures!