Let's go Dutch Baby

I can't believe I haven't made one of these in over a year. I remedied that and made them twice in one week. Had to make a few this morning to share with my dad who came out to watch the kids play softball/baseball this weekend. He had never had one and he gobbled it right up, which puts a huge smile on my face cause my dad tends to lean on the picky side of things.  YAY ME!!

I can't decide what I enjoy more, the taste or the show??? It's hard to resist peeking in the oven to
watch these things puff up in crazy formations, but if I really had to pick it's most definitely the taste..
I top them with the traditional lemon squeeze and powdered sugar...Simply yummy

If you haven't tried one yet..you must! The whole experience is simply

And if you need a pretty decent recipe this is the one that I used..

                                                                     Dutch Baby


Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Oooo, as pancakes are one of our most favourite things to eat IN THE WHOLE WORLD, I will definitely be giving this a go. And soon, before we move, as we don't have an oven in Hong Kong.

delia hornbook said...

We love pancakes to but have never heard them called Dutch baby ;-))) have a lovely week, dee x

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

My Grandma makes these for us. So yummy!

Fruitful Fusion said...

Thanks a lot for the link! Looks delicious! I always make your buttermilk pancakes ... and now this!