Sew a little, clean a lot

I have decided to take over the kids chores this week. The A's have not been doing a very good job and instead of spending hours frustrated with them and dealing with attitude. I am just going to do all the cleaning and make them stay in their rooms for as long as it takes me to clean.

To save my sanity,
 I allowed myself an hour to be crafty and whipped up this hat for Sophie.
Cleaned for a few hours then snuck a little photo session in.

We found the little fuzzy vest at Carters this past weekend. I wanted the pink one but they didn't have any in her size, can you believe it's 18mos..
She fits perfectly in most 12 months but I know that won't last long.
Little stinker isn't even 9 months yet.
I think Scott and I say she is huge around 10x a day.
Just amazes me how fast she is growing.

Guess I need to get back to cleaning.
Hope you are having a productive day.


Chantal said...

Wish I could whip up one of those hats between cleaning chores! Gorgeous!

m.e (Cathie) said...

I agree with Chantal, I wish I could whip something like that up too.
cleaning...hmmm, not fun, but it's gotta be done.
as for leaving them in their rooms..ohh, my, mine would detroy the room in that amount of time.

Kate said...

I am so interested to hear how the new cleaning regime works for you all.
LOVE the hat and that model is just too cute.

Amyschmamey said...

So Super cute! Yes. I did chores in between craftiness and work today too. Kinda have to do it that way! ha. :) I say you had a productive day.

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

your productive day works on all fronts, i'll say. the prefect combo house chores and creative burst. so very well done, and handsome little hat!!!

delia hornbook said...

awww gorg photo's something about black and white. Lovely hat and yes children grow up so quick you seem to blink and they are taller than you. Enjoy your lovely little ones. Dee x

Ooty said...

oh yeh your title sounds so familiar to me =p
love the tiny hat - your model is too cute as always!

midge said...

she is so gorgeous amanda. you are a domestic goddess. sew, cook clean and tough love thrown in for good measure. you go girl