Sophie style files

I started a random hat awhile back, it got stuffed in a drawer and today during a bit of cleaning I found it. I left it on the counter while I finished up and really had plans to just toss it. But I got a spark of inspiration and decided to play with the pattern, this is where it led me.

It's funny how sometimes you can see a forgotten project and get nothing out of it either stashing it back in the corner it came from or throwing it out. And others you can rework your magic a bit and find new inspiration. This is obviously more on the style end of hat wearing then the to keep the head toasty but hey she is a California girl. Style is always important..:)

It's hard to tell from the pics but this is a baby slouch. I want to get a bit more fancy with it and log this in my "write the pattern" log. So if ya like keep an eye out for it.


Seaside Siblings said...

Lovely, looks great, I adore that raspberry colour.

Catherine said...

Amanda your little girl is the sweetest model. The crochet slouch is lovely in that bright colour.:)

Casie said...

So cute! The hat & the model!

Megan said...

ooh, i like. very stylish bub :)