One for All beanie..

Finally finished my 1x1 ribbed beanie....
I had to fight the urge to throw it in the WIP pile several times. Let's face it 1x1 is just not fun but thankfully it was mindless enough that I could keep track of the kids and still accomplish a row here and there.

Happy to be done and the best part is, it's really an All for one hat. That's the genius of 1x1 ribbed. It will conform to most any head,  as you can see from all the kids and me modeling it.

 I cast on 104 on US size 5 circs  with worsted and did 1x1 rib f-o-r-e-v-e-r...
    When decreasing to keep the pattern I knit 3tog until 6 stitches were left
    Then fastened off.

      Oh and in case you are wondering.. from top left to right..
Andrew, Sophie
Ayden, Alexis
Me, Shay

I joked to the hubby we needed one more kid so that I wouldn't have to be in the pic to even it out..
The scary part was he said OK..Ummm I was joking..


Ooty said...

Oh I love it! And I admire you getting all this done with all the kiddies around the house I am Just getting used to having one more little person around the house =D

Kate said...

It looks great Amanda! Well worth persevering with the monotony of the rib.
You have the most gorgeous family

Stephanie and Carlos said...

That is one versatile beanie!! It's a great colour and surprisingly it suits everyone!!

xo Steph

Triskele said...

Thats great. Love it. We were just talking about even-ing it out today as I'm due with #4 in a bit. Man you are some woman with 5 on the go! How do ya do it?

Casey said...

the hat looks awesome!

ecoMILF said...

this is such a gorgeous series of shots!! i love seeing photos of your beautiful family! and the hat is cute too of course! xo m.