Triple Crochet Beanie

Any excuse for a photo shoot......

And pattern....

US terms
6-12 months

DK/G hook

SC=single crochet
HDC=half double crochet
DC=double crochet
TRC=triple crochet

Chain 3..DC 11 times in first chain, slip stitch to starting chain.
Chain 4...TRC in same stitch and twice in between each of the dc's in first row, join
Chain 4....TRC  twice in between next stitches and once in between the following stitches.  repeat from  join
Chain 4....TRC once in between next two sets of stitches then 2 Trc's in between next stitches. repeat, join
Chain 4....TRC in between each stitch for entire row join and repeat twice more.
HDC in each stitch with alternate color, join

Slight ear flap
SC 9x, *2 hdc's, 2 dc's, 2trc's ch1 2trc's, 2 dc's, 2 hdc's*, SC 18x, repeat**, SC til end of row.

Loop long strands through ch1 space in ear flap braid and tie off.


Casey said...

so darn adorable!!

Little Ted Canvas said...

Just gorgeous! I might try making one myself, I made my first beanie last night, accidently, just hooking away to see what eventuated, though it only fits GI Joe!

Ooty said...

So so sweet your little one is gorgeous!! Thanks for the pattern :))

Chaos, Kids, Crochet and Cake said...

Your beanies are so cute! I must learn to make these. Loving your blog - I've just come across it through Paisly Jade and your lovely coasters (must try those too!).
Sandra x

Ashley and Spencer Bunn said...

So adorable I'll have to try this hat out :)

Anonymous said...

Too cute! This was so easy to make and came out absolutely adorable. I made one in orange for a newborn Halloween pumpkin costume. : ) Thanks so much!