Back from our adventures...

And glad to be home, but we certainly had a blast and kept busy....

Won't bore you with the details but show a few pics instead :)

Downtown San Diego

San Diego County Fair

SeaPort Village, San Diego



And we can't forget the Angels baseball game...Where they beat the Colorado Rockies and showed Sophie and Shay how a grand slam is done :)...Go Angels!!!

Trying to catch up on sleep and laundry this week and dealing with a sick little one. Ran her into Urgent Care and got an all clear for strep so we just have to wait it out..Back to my Chaos...


Little Ted Canvas said...

Welcome back! Sorry your little one is unwell, I hope it's a speedy recovery..lokks like a great time was had while you were away. My boys would be in heaven visiting lego land, how awesome!

Ooty said...

Welcome back!!! Try to take it easy as much as you can with little one not feeling very well (hope is better by now)and all the house catching up, take care of yourself as well.

Still looks like you all had wonderful fun family time!!!