And they're gone.

I made these sugar donut muffins last night for the kids to have something to munch on when they woke  up
            (Which isn't til early afternoon now that they are summer break).
And boy did they take me seriously when I said they could have them for breakfast.  Because they are gone, down the hatch, adios, C-Ya later.
If you ever want to feel appreciated for simple baking you can borrow my kids they will eat them up so fast you can't help but feel like you have the golden touch.

I will definitely have to make these more often. It doesn't get any easier then this and the result is super yummy moist cupcakes with the spirit of a sugar donut. (My fave)



Little Ted Canvas said...

YUM! How great are you to make donuts for breakfast, that would be my middle guys idea of heaven!! Enjoy your weekend..

beck said...

I'm checking this recipe out asap! Love the photo's, I can see why your kids ate them up so quickly! Hope you have a happy weekend xo

michelle said...

i'm getting straight into these tomorrow. thanks for sharing

laura said...

these are fantastic..everyone loves them and it's really the best of both donut and cupcake worlds!

Cole said...

Yummy!! Those wouldn't last at all in my house!