The unintentional green thumb...

Isn't this funny?
While at my sister's this past weekend I noticed her onions were growing. We both had a good laugh and then proceeded to ask ourselves the question. How do onions grow?  Pretty sad huh, of course it is from a bulb or seed. But this did create sort of a blonde moment for us.

Apparently my sister inherited the green thumb of the family because I have been trying to get a simple strawberry plant to grow and it just isn't happening...While my sister forgets these in a basket and voila!

Any surefire ways to get Strawberries to grow much appreciated. They are Shay's favorite, onions not so much.


Chicken Willow said...

That's funny. It looks like my onion/potato basket sometimes.

nicole said...

ha ha onions never last that long in my house, we have them with everything!
as for the strawberry... they like shady spots. i planted one out the front of my place a few months ago in full sun and it did not like it at all!


Penny said...

Oh wow! They look like a pretty indoor plant that way! I am great at growing strawberries and terrible at preventing the birds from eating them... I always grow mine in big pots, they go well that way.