Postcard Swap...


Last month I signed up for a postcard swap with QuirkyMomma....Shay has had a blast finding them in the mail throughout the past several weeks. I think there are still a few yet to arrive but I was a slow starter on getting mine out too so it doesn't bother me one bit. Nice to have them scattered anywho.

He has only just turned 3 so the "location" aspect is a bit much for him but I plan to stash them away once he has forgotten about them and bring them back out when he is a little older.  Overall I have to give the experience a "Job Well Done" And will certainly keep an eye out for things like this in the future.

P.S.  The main postcard pictured is ours. So if you happen to be playing along, you know that's us :)


m.e (Cathie) said...

what a great idea!
i love things in the mail, especially postcards, such sweet surprises.

Cathy {Tinniegirl} said...

This looks like a really fun swap. I love it.