Avocado what????

Avocado Ice Cream.....

Yet another recipe from "The Perfect Scoop"

As a lover of Avocado I will tell you this is good, but a bit unusual. I find my brain telling me mmmm Avocado and my mouth saying YUM Ice cream. And the two cause quite a clash to your senses. I think to stray a bit from the actual avocado flavor next time I will use a bit of coconut cream.

Doing a quick google search I found quite a few  recipes for this. I will say the one main difference in David's creation versus let's say Alton's is the substitution of sour cream instead of whole milk.  Not sure how much of a taste change that equates to but either way I am sure it's pretty good.

hmm where will I go from here...

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Tania said...

OK. You're messing with my head now. Off to do a handstand (to mix things up) and see if I can work out where to go with this one...!