Snack Happy

Every now and then I will get the courage to try something new. Living on post and shopping at the Commissary provides plenty of oppurtunity for that. I guess because a lot of military families have been all over the world they want to provide that in your grocery shopping experience at home too.  So today while strolling the aisles I decided to pick up a few sweet treats "not from these parts"....The first was a rice candy which has a dissolvable wrapper on it, very strange and kind of like a soft gummy definitely not something I would buy again. But me and the kids had fun with it...

The outside wrapper is not edible just the inner layer which is almost impossible to remove anyway.
Second was a Hello Kitty milk flavored chew candy. Pretty darn good if I do say so...Has sort of a light taffy flavor but milky and very soft. Doesn't stick to your teeth at all.  I will pick this one up again from time to time. I don't see the little bag lasting very long in this house though....Look forward to picking up a few new things the next time I am there. Have you ever tried either of these?

There is my little adventure for the day along with washing the car and getting completely soaked from the leaking hose. But it's a warm day and I just had to take advantage of the beautiful sun.
Off to clean a bit before dinner ...

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