How to trick a toddler :P

Spending a lot of time in the car leads to other problems one being that Shay can't have his favorite morning cereal for breakfast. Mainly because we wait til last minute to wake him up so he doesn't turn in to a bear by noon due to lack of sleep,but well it's just easier that way. So after trying a few breakfast bars out to hold him over til we get back to the hotel which he didn't eat. I stumbled upon the Quaker breakfast cookie, and they are a hit. Of course it's obvious why right? haha.... As soon as I handed it to him his eyes lit up, COOKIE....I will have to remember to keep these handy for car trips. 

I know fresh fruit would be a better choice but it's not always pracitical.....

He also loves bananas and  has been known to eat several at a time. Not to mention they are good for road trips. Except the part where they get smooshed by big kids getting in and out of the car or by their tossed at random backpacks of course. And after lifting up the seat in our #2 car trying to reorganize the contents  after our road trip from Ft. Polk and finding a moldy banana peel, ewww. I am a little hesitant to have them in the van.

So you can see my excitement in finding these breakfast snacks lol....

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m.e (Cathie) said...

thy definitely need tricking sometimes!!
I might post a recipe next week for some banana, bluberry muffins which I made for my little nephew who has allergies, very quick & healthy & cheap to make.

hugs lovely, have a happy weekend