Homemade Cinnamon Rolls....

Here is my fuel for the morning...Gotta get away with it while I still can huh???

I went searching for some fun things to bake this week. (not that I don't have enough ideas) but I came across this bread machine recipe for Cinnamon rolls that are strikingly similar to Cinnabon's cinnamon rolls. They are soooo good. I just finished baking them and they are ooey gooey perfection. You can find the recipe here...Cinnabon buns. In the past I have made a few batches of cinnamon rolls with my machine and haven't really been too pleased but this one is a winner. I will definetly be making these again and again...YUM!!!!

Yes I ate both....OOOOPS!!!

And here are a few of the washcloths I have been working on..The pattern is super simple and relaxing..This morning while letting the breadmachine make my dough I listened to Christmas music and knitted away while the house was still quiet. :)


Now off to see what I can get my hands into next..Hope everyone is having a great start to the Christmas Week...


Lori aka A Cowboy's Wife said...

So glad they turned out good! My mom makes them ALL the time:)

Also, those wash cloths look fabulous!!! I want some!

Tracey said...

Those cinnamon rolls look delicious!! One of the few negative things about the area where we live is that there's no Cinnabon or similar place that sells yummy cinnamon rolls!