Happy Thanksgiving

And you can bet I am stuffed....With a very happy squirmy baby girl in the tummy!!

Thought I would share a few pics of our feast...

Now the beauty of being home with "just us" for the Holiday is... it's totally acceptable to hang out in PJ's all day...Am I right or am I right???

Here is Shay chowing down on pre-dinner snacks....

And in this picture we have the FEAST...A 24lb turkey "yes I said 24lbs haha" given to us by an anonymous Army Angel...Thank you whoever you are...Now I think we are set for the week with Turkey left overs..On top of that Hubby had to have his 8lb Ham..YUM..We barely made a dent in either....And of course the norm, mash taters, corn, candied yams, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy and rolls...YUMMMM

And for Dessert??? That I still can't find room to eat yet.... My first ever homemade cheesecake. Looks good right? Go me!! And the "must have" tucked away in the fridge a pumpkin pie....Last night I checked on the cheesecake to make sure it turned out ok...Scott joked I was going to find him holding it like a cookie chowing down...Now that wouldn't surprise me it's his fave.

Besides being thankful for all this yummy food...I am very very Thankful for my family the one in my home and my extended family as well. I know it's not always easy for us to be near them all with this Army life but you are all in our hearts. And we Love you!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone :)

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Maree Rose said...

I can't believe you did all that cooking. Very impressive and you are right - way too much food! Most impressive of all is that cheesecake - I have always been too scared to make a cheesecake but you have done such a good job on your first attempt. That's inspiration enough for me to whip one up. Good job Mum!!