30 Weeks

Just got home from my latest Dr.'s appointment. I know it is necessary but if I could skip that part of pregnancy I would be a much happier preggo.

I do have to say that when I was pregnant with Shay I was much happier with my care. Yes it was military but it was at an Air Force Hospital and I was assigned to one Dr. who was just the sweetest thing.

This time around I am not so lucky, and have been bounced around from Dr. to Dr. having to be asked the same million questions each time I go in and dealing with each of their opinions about what I should do where I should be etc. It's just not fun.

My latest appt. was with the most disliked Dr. of the bunch. She is older and pushy in that "I'm better then you" sort of way. She was upset that I have gained the amount of weight I have even though she was well aware that Shay was almost a 10 lb'er. She made me read a booklet while she asked me questions and then reviewed the book with me???? Who does that????? She questioned why I did not get the Triple Screen test even though it didn't matter because I am way out of that window of opportunity anyways. And then of course how dare I not get the FLU shot..That's just not acceptable. But the worst by far....She rudely said to me...So is this it??? Are you serious lady what does it matter to you??? Ugh

I don't even know her name but I will make sure to make it a point to not get her for any further appointments.

Other then that...Everything is good..Blood Pressure/heart rate/temp/ baby's heart rate are all good and I am measuring 31 weeks with goes right along with her size from the Ultrasounds so all is well...


Liesl said...

Sorry about the crazy doctor. With her attitude, she sure got into the right profession, huh? *rolls eyes*
Glad to hear everything else is good though.
And that picture is just darling. :)

Sharon Lewis said...

Love the pic!!! Sometimes I wonder why some people have the jobs they have. She should have had compassion, that's what doctors do. I can't imagine how she'd treat some one who really does put a ton of weight on while preggo. I think you look beautiful and you look all baby for sure! And I am with you, it's none of her business if this is it or not. The only reason she should ever ask that(and it should be asked gently) is for health concerns... GRRR... My rant is over. ♥

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

Boo to Doctor's I say!! I'm a midwife home birthing mumma. And one of the reasons is for Dr. like that.
You are so great and you totally know what you are doing!! Screw her ;) xox

Tania said...

Oh bloody hell. People like that should never be allowed around pregnant women. I'm with Bianca on the midwife home birthing Mama approach - even when you're in a hospital. The sooner everyone realises that Mama really does know best, the better it will be for birthing Mums. Follow your instincts Lovely, take the advice when it feels right and steer clear of that VILE woman!

Angie said...

Congratulations(I've missed the fact you are pregnant). That doc sounds hideous....good luck in avoiding her in the future.