I did it!!!!!

After trying and trying for a year I knit a full on beanie...This is the Felicity hat on Ravelry. I have learned that my knitting gauge is a little on the tight side so it's not as "slouchy" as in her pictures but it's still perfect to me :)...Hubby was walking around with it on last night. Upset that I didn't make him a hat of course..:P..

I used circulars, increases and decreases all new to me and it only took me a week haha which of course is forever in hat making time for me because I can crochet one up in no time flat. But I am really happy and pleased with the results. And as I have mentioned before it was on my Christmas To-Do list so check that one off :)

The brim is rolled up quite a bit when not worn but it flattens out quite nicely on..What do you think??


Mollimoo said...

Lovely hat! Great colour too. I have yet to knit in the round. I'm a bit scared to try it for some reason. Well done you x

dillpickle said...

Fantastic! I'm yet to master the hat knitted in the round thing - I have one in progress but not finished yet!

Nettie said...

It looks awesome!!!

That is loads better than I did the first time I knit in the round and did increases and decreases!!

I'm honored that your first success was with my pattern ;0)