100 days to go..........

Seems like a lot but I know it will fly by....100 days "roughly" til this little jumping bean in my tummy makes her appearance...I am amazed at how strong she is already and how differently I am carrying her compared to the other kids.

But like they say, every child is different...She does not want to be the exception to the rule obviously! Her personality is already shining through, very very stubborn...She does not like when I am sitting upright and will not stop moving until lean back. Not to mention any time I move in bed and she was comfortable or my belly is even somewhat pressed against the bed. She has something to say about that too..Hubby gets a kick out of it "literally"...I guess she has to be a fighter to make it in this family, as long as she keeps her girly side I'll be ok with it I suppose...Not that I have much choice!

What's keeping me busy these next few months????
Of course blogtoberfest and all my crafty tendecies
Andrew's birthday next week the big 13
A three day weekend for Scott and the kids so we'll have to find something to do of course..
Halloween party for Scott's brigade
Early next month Scott will most likely be re-enlisting so big decision to be made there..."which way do we go???"
then of course preparing for the move
Thanksgiving, To drive to Texas or not???
And most likely, Christmas, moving and baby all within a very close time span..

Of course this all with the normal crazyness of the house, This might be the first child I am ok with going past my due date!! ....Hahaha.... Ok probably not because those extra 11 days my kids like to give me are NO fun...

I did have a dream she came unexpected in a hotel room?????? I hope that one stays a dream!

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