Suprise around every corner

Up at 6:00 this morning, not so bad except I finally fell asleep close to 2:00 ugh...Then there is the A's who decided to be loud and wake Shay up so there was no going back to sleep. Ok I'll accept that.

Wait the A's are leaving and I can't go with them "raced through Shay's brain" And then a tantrum ensued for 30 mins. Lovely way to start the day!!!! I will use some of this morning energy to vacuum, why isn't it sucking anything up.........???

Could it be the paint brush and screwdriver that has caused a backup in the tube...NICE...45 mins later I get that taken care of...There went my cleaning energy..

I'll just sit down and have a cup of nice cold Orange Juice, sounds yummy...Why the heck is the O.J warm???? OOOOH apparently Shay decided the knob for the temp in the fridge was for his enjoyment therefore he set it to OFF....

I won't even begin to describe the mess from the dog..Apparently diapers are delicacies..GRRRRRR

Ahhh I GIVE UP!!! I am gonna curl up on the couch for a bit to try and recover before I go insane for the day.....

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