That's what I get....

Since I have been overloaded with chores to do since the kids are home 24/7 I decided to hand down some of those chores to the kids. Like washing their own laundry..

Andrew decided he needed to do laundry so I showed him how and he went to town...While I was in the shower he came to me "why is it always when you are in the shower???" He let me know the washer door was making noise and the washer was not working!!!!! UGHHHHH

Turns out he snapped off a chunk of the latch on the door and since we have a front loading washer you can't use it unless the door locks...GRRRR GRRRRR so of course it's the weekend and the only few stores around here that can come look at it are closed til monday. And of course they will get here sometimes next week check it out say they need to order a part that will take a week or so and so I am anticipating atleast a few weeks with NO WASHER!!!!!!

Do you know how crazy that is with a household of 6....I think I am going to go insane. Why is when you do everything you can to try to save money something always pops up to steal money away from that little stash you are trying to build...

What a great summer we are having!!!

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