Keeping Cool

So I don't know about you but this summer is a HOT one! Yesterday it was 105 and who knows how hot it is today because I am not stepping one foot outside, thank you very much.

of course living on post lends itself to the cruddy AC living which pretty much runs nonstop all day and never gets close to the 75 we have it set at...It's just miserable and I really should go out and buy some fans but I am almost positive they will probably be all sold out anyways so why go out in the heat????

I did find a few tips for keeping cool so thought I would pass them along...I did make the mistake of using the oven today BLAHHHHHH....Remind me that baking is no fun no matter how good it tastes when you are sweating in your own house. I do want to try the ice behind a fan though, why did I never think of that one before...

6 Creative Ways to Keep Cool During Hot Summer Days

1. Cool your pulse points by running cold water over your wrist for a few minutes.

2. Place a cold cloth on the back of your neck and leave it there for at least 5 minutes.

3. Eat small amounts of food rather than a big meal. It will help keep you cooler.

4. Cool off your bed at night by filling a standard hot water bottle with cold water. Use it to cool your ankles and the back of your knees.

5. Don’t turn on the oven! Cook in the microwave if you can, or serve something cold.

6. Use overhead (ceiling) fans if you have them. For floor fans, place a bowl of ice or a frozen water jug behind the fan. The air will be cool. You may also want to place a fan on the hot side of a room and have the air blow out, basically allowing the fan to pull the heated air out of the room.

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