Being a sports mom is stressfull

Holy Cow!!! Last night Alexis had her 3rd softball. The first which I was able to attend..And since I have been kind of put in place as an assistant coach/scorekeeper I was not only keeping score but making sure the umps didn't miss anything. Mainly because the team we played could not afford to pay Umpires and they had some young boys doing the job who honestly had no clue of the rules. So if a play was more complex then a simple out you had to bring it to their attention..UGH..

And then comes the fact that they had no official score keep. So when my score and their score didn't add up at the end of the game...I had 9/7 us and they had 7/7 tie. Which having played for a huge portion of my life I knew I was right. Of course an arguement insued. This lady actually looked at me told me a run on the third out doesn't count and rolled her eyes dismissing me like I had no idea of the way it worked...It drove me crazy...I am not one to get in anyones face and very rarely do but if I do I DO!!! Since we were tie we only needed to prove one run ahead of them so I found where she messed up and kept asking her about it..She kept saying that girl was the 3rd out..YES YES she was the third out but she was up twice that inning..And you have her at 3 for and not out magically Alexis got a run just after her so where did she go?? She had to have made it home...RIGHT????

They just stared at me dumbfounded and repeated..She was the third out...It was making me insane...Finally the coach walked over and realized I was right..And then she made some smart remark basically not admitting she was wrong but saying she was wrong at the same time. And walked away..WHATEVER..Our girls are all first year players they are not good bottom line but they had a good game and it was important to them to win this "not to mention the fact that they did" fair and square..I am just greatful I took the scorekeeping job and did my best...

Just watching your child play is stressfull enough you want them to do good especially when it's a sport you excelled in :P..But being involved is just alot more stress added..AGHHH

And funny thing is..I think I will try my hand at coaching one of these days maybe even next season...I really really enjoy the challenge so we shall see...

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